Remember Remember The 5th Of November…

Why Occupy?

The Occupy Movement is primarily about the large corporations and global financial system which controls our economy in a disproportionate way, undermining democracy and creating an unstable world economy for us all. The Protests in the US began at Zuccotti Park in New York on 9/17/11 and less than a month later there were ongoing protests in over 95 cities, across 82 countries, and over 600 communities in the US alone, and rarely a small mention was made on the news.

This November 5th was “Bank Transfer Day”. This had us marching to urge people to move their money from big corporate banks to small community credit unions. What we found was that these credit unions are non-profit which actually had lower fees and sometimes no fees, the board members are volunteers and do not make a profit they are being of service to the community, the money the Credit Union makes is pooled and goes back to the  “Shareholder” (that’s you) in forms of lower interest rates etc…, and yes they do have plenty of ATM’s.

It was reported that an estimated 600,000 people took their money out of major banks.

We were forced out of our house by a foreclosure and the economy. Big deal so was half the country. Now we live with no mortgage owed to a Bank, our property was an owner carry, no electricity bill we are all solar, no cable TV to tell us how to run our lives, we buy local and green whenever possible and all our needs and the dogs are met. I am so grateful that happened because I don’t plan on going back. And maybeeee someday when I am enlightened enough I will even be able to extricate the internet from my veins!

It takes a lot to get people out on the streets. Humans seem to have a real knack for putting up with crap for extended periods of time with a smile on our faces. But finally enough is enough for millions of people across the globe. Is it too late? All I know is that I can only do what is right for me and be an example of what that looks like (most days). Maybe it will help someone else do the same and not feel like they are alone. And BTW, I am that guy if you want to start a protest and no one else will go… I will. I will do it until the others catch up. I will sleep on the street with you to stand for what I believe in until people start asking questions. And when the organizers show up, they always do (we all have our jobs) then my work is done. I am not that guy… I will let the smart busy people take it from there and be in awe of their skills and brainpower as we go out and do amazing things together!!

So to the people who will soon be freezing in the December streets, looked down on, called names by the media…


And don’t believe everything you hear or DON’T hear on the news. Go outside and see for yourself. Ask questions. Be kind. And love each other through this whether you agree with it or not!


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~ by Valerie on November 17, 2011.

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